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  • Pieter Houben | Operations Manager | Prefaco NV

    “Winand is a great ‘hands-on’ safety professional who is not only looking at ‘the rules and the books’, but cleverly balances safety management with people’s needs and uncertainties in daily work environments. He thinks in solutions and not just in naming problem situations. He is great to work with in a team because he brilliantly takes on the role of facilitator by carefully listening to and involving everyone and valuing every idea.”

  • Tom Michiels | HSE Manager | CRH Europe Materials

    “Because Winand has an excellent knowledge and expertise on occupational safety and risk control he is one of our lead auditors and he delivers high quality and detailed reports and action plans that help our company to implement practical and custom-made control measures. With his practical approach and experience he takes into account all aspects of sometimes complex and sensitive issues to draw the right conclusions and give valuable advice. He is very driven and does his work as a safety professional with a lot of passion. He also communicates very well on all levels and we certainly continue working with Winand on various projects in the future based on the good professional relationship we built up.”
  • Wim Scholiers | CEO | Scholiers NV

    “As CEO of Scholiers Ltd, a low-threshold Seveso establishment, I met Winand in response to unfulfilled legal requirements in the field of fire and explosion hazards. In a short time, he tackled these points successfully. Ever since, he has supported the internal prevention advisor as an external consultant. He developed a document management system for our company and systematically follows up on this. By performing risk analyses and regular inspection rounds, followed by hands-on solutions and the related coaching for all employees, he ensures a smooth implementation of the general safety system. His strengths are a thorough knowledge of safety legislation as well as a human approach with which he provides support tailored to our company. Because Winand is an absolute added value to our business, we would like to appeal to his knowledge and expertise again in the future. ”

  • Johan Penson | General Manager | InfraCult

    “Winand was with our company in 2018 on a specific project. He did an excellent job in this position and was an asset to the organisation during her tenure with our company. I selected Winand to work with InfraCult in 2018 on a project which needed accurate coordination and follow-up as regards to health & safety. There is another similar project waiting for him after client approval. During the process, I had the opportunity to witness him as a generous, intelligent and hard worker. On top of that, Winand’s sensitivity, dedication and energy made working with him a true pleasure. He is always willing to offer his assistance and has an excellent rapport with the many stakeholders connected to our company. His ability to effectively communicate with all these people, his skills and knowledge make him an asset to our company. Seekurico will add value to any environment or situation and I therefore recommend them for any endeavour they choose to pursue.”
  • François Glasset | Operations Manager | EPCO (BE)

    “Continuously improving on safety and operational excellence is our main priority. That is why, in all our three production sites (BE, PL, CH) we had an external team auditing us on these subjects.
    Thanks to SEEKURICO for this very constructive audit. Your remarks and advices will definitely help us in our safety journey!”

  • Piotr Wojewódzki | Plant Manager | EPCO (PL)

    “A fresh look from an outsider, moreover from an expert is always welcome. Especially when it concerns such important aspects of the company’s operation as safety in the production plant. The visit of Seekurico from Belgium helped us to make sure that Epco Polska is on the right track towards ensuring greater safety, and the valuable comments of the auditors will certainly help us move closer to this goal. Thank you very much for the nice audit atmosphere and interesting substantive discussions!”

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“The assets are a thorough knowledge of safety legislation as well as a human approach tailored to our company.”

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